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Security Surveillance

Security Systems

Commercial Security Systems

When it comes to protecting what you value most – the safety of your business and the people who depend on you – count on our commercial security systems.

Be it a small organization or a large enterprise, industrial or institutional facility, we know that each facility is unique, as is each security concern. That’s why we custom-design security systems with the flexibility to meet your exact needs.

We’ll eliminate the need for different security systems for different applications. Choose from intrusion detection, access control, lobby management, video surveillance, real-time location services, and more in one flexible, upgradeable system.

Integrated Technology Design

Our Integrated Technology Design methodology will help you achieve your security goals by blending outstanding products, sophisticated design, and our talented people, including our team of architects, engineers, and video and access control installers.

We’ll also help you assess your facilities utilizing our Risk Management Consulting methodology to determine your optimal level of security. The result will be a full scope security solution within budget and one that provides a roadmap for growth and expansion.

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Access Control

Intrusion Detection

Asset Management / RTLS

Protection as a Service Solutions

Analog to IP Migration

Visitor Management

Screening, Protection & Tracing (SPT) Solutions

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